Love God. Love our neighbors.  Make disciples of all nations.

These are essential for the growth of every follower of Jesus.  

Our life as believers in Jesus Christ ought to produce in us a desire to practically obey His Word. By serving others, we fulfill His commands to us as His disciples. There are numerous opportunities, no matter what gifts, talents and abilities God has given you. When God guides and empowers you, all that you need is availability -- we can help you with the rest.

Consider and pray how best you can contribute towards the Kingdom for His glory. Follow the links below for more information, and fill out a ministry application to serve. Someone will reach out to you shortly.

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God commands us to teach our children, not just watch them --- to train them in the ways of God so that they are equipped to make their own choice to worship and follow Jesus. 

The Children's Church is a ministry to your family during Sunday Church Services. We teach children ages 3 – 12 years old the Bible on their level through small group instruction, and crafts. 

Right now, there are opportunities for you to join our dedicated group of caring teachers and assistants. Curriculum, training and all materials are provided.